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Featured Artists & Additional Resources

At Artrageous we feel it is very important to support, display and offer as much local art as possible. Part of our core value is to support our communities and artists. And by buying locally it also reduces things such as shipping and packaging which reduces the environmental impact for everyone. Below we have featured artwork from various artists we have previously framed and linked to their social pages. 

Trip Poster

We sell prints from this artist in store! Call to inquire. 

Victoria Park

Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 2.31.08 PM.png

Jordan Gallie

LAKE M-Final CT.webp

Bill Pomeroy Digital Art

We sell prints from this artist in store! Call to inquire. 

Laughing Hand - Keith McKellar

We sell prints from this artist in store! Call to inquire. 

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver


Jeremy Koreski

Arian Khoshnevis


Joanne Hastie

Additional Resources

Prints & Posters

The establishment of major poster and print sources online has meant that it is no longer practical or cost effective for many retailers to carry a selection of posters in-store.

For this reason, here at Artageous, we have decided to stock only prints of what we feature on the gallery walls in store so that our customers can purchase either framed or unframed versions of what they see on our walls.

Art Sources Online

Below are some great resources for finding and purchasing artwork online.

We love Etsy for finding unique and independent artists who you can purchase from directly. For popular, open edition and major artists prints and posters we often recommend, which often has sales and coupon codes available on the main page of their website.

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