Elevate your favorite photos to stand-out pieces of art with a custom print. Simply provide us with your image file and we will return your image as a beautiful, ready to enjoy piece! We offer several print types: Canvas prints are very popular, and Face Mounted Plexiglass prints.

If you would like to have your photo or image printed please review the simple guidelines below to get your file ready to help us process your order quickly and seamlessly.

Please ensure you have read and followed these guidelines as we do not provide photo editing services and the quality and resolution of your finished product depends on the size, dpi and type of file you submit. Each customer is responsible for ensuring the resolution and size of their file will achieve the results they desire. Following the basic guidelines below will help you to achieve this.

Basic Guidelines for Custom Printing:

File Submission Types: We accept files via email (under 20 MB), or for larger files on USB keys, flash drives, writable CDs and DVDs. Please ensure your file is the only file provided and/or is clearly identified.

Preferred File Types: JPEG or TIFF files

Preferred DPI (dots per inch): 300 dpi is ideal, however a dpi within a range of 150 – 300 may be acceptable depending on your image and print type.

File Colour Type: 8 bit colour, Adobe RGB 1998 colour space

And Yes newer iphone and smart phone images are typically good enough to print. Size will depend on quality. You can always send us the file and we can let you know the maximum printable size before the quality degrades.